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Stream ‘National Bohemian’ in its entirety

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We’re pleased to give you a listen of the entire new record. Drop a comment and let us know what you think. You can purchase National Bohemian here: The Bridge’s Webstore, iTunes, Amazon, Amazon mp3, Homegrown Music, or your favorite independent record store.

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21 Responses to Stream ‘National Bohemian’ in its entirety

  1. Trevor says:

    Hey fellas, Trevor from Wisebird here. Just want to congratulate y’all on the killer record…just listened front to back and its amazing. Lookin forward to catchin The Bridge sometime soon on the road. Stay well!

  2. andrew says:

    best studio work yet…great album.

  3. aunt nancy says:

    Awesome album, each one more fabulous then the last, each very different yet the same (evidence of the unique sound of the Bridge) but this one is my favorite your best yet! definetly taking your sound to a whole new level! my favorite single is Stranger in my Own Home very proud of you all. Mark’s Aunt Nancy

  4. steve raskin says:

    Loved it! A lot of complexity to the songs and production so looking forward to listening through many more times after the CD is out.

  5. Matt says:

    Just got the album sat. night at the show. Great stuff and the show sat. night was amazing. I spent most of the day Sunday trying to figure out chains on my mandolin. The whole show was great, but chains blew my mind. Thanks for that!

  6. b.burton says:

    fantastic album. release party saturday night,of course, was awesome. nicely done. keep it up fellas

  7. Neilo says:

    Doesn’t seem too long ago I was bouncing weekly at Santa Fe in College Park to the Bridge. New album is great! Keep it up fellas!

  8. great album, listened to the hold thing thru, you guys are awesome if i didnt live in the caribbean id definitely go to one of your shows…

  9. Vadim says:

    this is absolutely fantastic piece of music

  10. pman_drums says:

    Saw this band one year ago and can hear the Little Feat, Southern, Folk, Country Rock and Blues influences. IMO, there are at least three outstanding tracks that would get visibility on radio airplay (probably many more). Good writing, good job on the production. One person wrote it here earlier, the band keeps stretching and growing and evolving. Keep it up guys. Good Luck on the Road!

  11. JukeJoint says:

    Looking forward to hearing you guys in VT in a few weeks !

  12. Montgomery Burns says:

    I know what I hate and I don’t hate that!

  13. MB says:

    I’m a loving this big time! Have never been much of a blues lover, but it’s always been in there. You guys sure do know how to pull it out in the open. Sorry I missed you last time in Cleveland. Will make a point to catch you next time!

  14. Carmen says:

    Love all the flavors on the album. Fantastic work! And you guys put on a great show in York, PA the other night. Thanks so much for coming and for taking the time to talk with me. I look forward to the next time you’re in the MD/PA area. Have a great tour!!

  15. carli and evan says:

    Sounds great, guys! Can’t wait to hear more when we see you on the West coast…hint hint…
    Hopefully we’ll be seeing you at Blacksheep again(if it happens). And, Check out the Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite, CA. They’d love you!
    Play on!

  16. kaley jackson says:

    I Love you guys, seen you every time you’ve been to huntington, saw you in morgantown on my birthday, and at ALL GOOD 2010!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new album!!!See you on St. Patty’s day, look for me i’ll be wearing green =)

  17. will' vogelzang says:

    can’t hardly wait to get my copy from my local record dealer [coco records zaandam - holland]next week. what a great sound, berlin did a great job.
    i also have the two records before this one and they were a welcome supplement to my cd collection.this one is a giant step forwards hope you will tour in holland someday. I’ll sure be there.
    greetz from a big music lover

  18. rashida says:

    Great album guys, love your concerts at the 8×10, can’t wait to see you at AllGood this summer, you are one of the main reasons I am going. Bridge fan for life, love my bmore guys!

  19. Dudeman says:

    Awesome! Saw the 45 minute set you guys played opening for Galactic in Mpls. Can’t wait to see you hitting the Midwest again! Great tunes.

  20. TK says:

    The record is great, just wanted to preview it in advance of the Slim’s show on Wed. looking forward to seeing y’all…


  21. Went to here the band at The Mint in LA and it blew me away- it was like seeing a bit of The Band and Los Lobos – with great arrangements and crisp instrumentals. The wall of sound blew me away. I’m moving to BMore so that I see them more often.

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